Urfman Is A Nips Man Too!


He is and it makes me feel normal!

Growing up, unlike every kid I know, I preferred Nips over its more famous, and some say better tasting competitor, M&M's. I don't why though; all I know and as far as I remember, I've always favored Nips over M&M’s, even when we continuously had a steady supply of both at home.

I guess all these years, not really knowing why, I just parked it under my eccentricity list. And if you know me enough, you’d know that I’m very eccentric in my thoughts and beliefs.

Are You A Nips Man Too?

But like most things in our everyday lives, fate has a funny way of making us realize things. Last night, while randomly tweeting cock with Urfi, I broached the subject of Nips, complaining that I couldn’t seem to find them in New York.

The tweet exchanges that followed between us made me realize that he is very much a Nips man like I am and that he doesn’t know jack shit about Confectionery Brands in general. And more importantly, he made me realize why I love Nips.


Thanks dude!


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