Uh Oh!


I must have touched a few nerves with a previous entry.

Based on the number of visits from the place that, to me at least, equals love, I must've have ruffled some sensitive feathers. Not only that, some peeps have started the viral marketing (or slandering) ball rolling again.

Do your friends have knives behind their backs?


Damn if you, damn if you don't.

For the record, as mentioned in the said entry, I didn't find no joy in writing that and it wasn't aimed at mocking anyone. It was my way of thanking someone who helped, that's all.

Moreover, whatever was written in that entry was not my own creation. I was merely narrating back what I heard and what I was told. The description and the slandering (if it's considered as such)or bitching did not come from me; they were all said by them against the others.

As it is, I'm already accused of being sour and low but you know what, I haven't even started yet. I could do so much more harm but that was never my intention. Again, I would like to reiterate that it's nothing personal against those who felt the pinch; it was merely a way for me to thank someone.

I haven't even started yet...

And if need me, I'm offering my apologies to those who are affected except for one and You know who You are.

That's all there is to it, really.

Oh, by the by, good morning Y'all.


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