Trust Betrayed, Yet Again.

All of us make mistakes, we all do.

After all, we’re merely humans and to make mistakes is just being human.

I don’t know anyone who could actually say that they’ve never made mistakes in their lives. Some mistakes are trivial and some are so momentous that they could totally alter one’s life.

I’ve made so many mistakes in my life that given half the chance, I would have taken a completely different course. Then again, it’s impossible to prevent something that you wouldn’t have known,no?

Time and again, I always have the same problem with trust. As opposed to most people, I trust first. I know the right way is to make people earn the trust but I'm just not wired that way.

I like to believe that people are genuinely nice and despite the fact that this has always been proven to be a fallacy, nevertheless, I kept on trusting first.

And yet again, that trust was betrayed.

I like the representation of 'mistake' in this visual

When I was with Dell, I worked with an agency and formed a good bond with the head of their Account Servicing team. From the onset, we clicked and got along well. In fact, if truth be told, one of the reasons why I chose that agency was because I found him to be a trustworthy guy; after all, he calls a spade a spade and I've always respected people who say what they see and/or feel.

Anyways, I just found out that he used my name for something that was just not right. I knew of his problems and even tried to help him on occasions but for what he did, I just lost my respect for him and right now, he doesn’t exist to me.

It’s really sad, y’know?

Irrespective of whatever troubles he's in, using my name, without my knowledge and approval, is something that no ‘friend’ should ever do.

I’m not bitter though. He served me well and I don't forget people who've served me in the past. He fucked it up and it's his loss.

Oh well.


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