This Is What Happens When You Hook-Up With A Gold Digger!

Man, this is sad.

Really fucking sad!

Even in his death, the poor guy can't rest in peace.

The late Gary Coleman's ex wife, the gold diggin' thrash that is Shannon Price, took pictures of him during his last hours. If you don't know, the bitch sold it to a US tabloid - The Globe - who then posted them on the cover of its latest issue.

In the photograph Gary Coleman can be seen on his hospital bed, hooked up to equipment whilst his ex-wife, Shannon Price poses next to him. How fucked up is that bitch?

It's disgusting! She's disgusting! The Globe is disgusting!

I'm only putting the photograph below, after blurring Gary Coleman's face, to drive the moral story of what I'm trying to relay.

Remember peeps, it doesn't pay to hook-up with gold diggers.



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