This Is Just Plain Madness!

The Prince of Darkness is absolutely right!

I ain’t gonna go into details but suffice to say, he is totally on the spot with his wise prediction; 81,817 hits right!


Wow! Seriously, wow!

I have never, ever dreamt that I would be able to achieve such a number. I’ve always said and I still maintain that my blog is about my life and my thoughts. And while I know I have readers from across the globe, it is because they either share the same passion for sneakers and/or because they know me personally.

But the entry about a twat who mocked and ridiculed an amazing little girl I knew - God bless her soul - just brought it to a whole new level!

You're no longer just a twat; you're now a famous twat! Dream come true eh?

And seriously, this madness has to stop!

It’s nice to know that you have that number of readers but I am not comfortable. I just think it’s insane that people drive in hordes to my blog to read one particular entry!

Moreover, I don’t want to be the catalyst of the twat’s instant infamy. Despite being the ungrateful, social-climbing bitch that she is, I went all out to help preserve her dignity - say whhuuuttt? LOL - when it was at risked and even if I hate her for what she did to the kid who succumbed to her cancer, I don’t hate her personally for what she did to me. If nothing else, her animosity and bitterness towards me for what I apparently did were dusted in a Jay Z ‘dirt-0ff-my-shoulder’ fashion.

You ain't nothing but an anal-loving ho' and a dirt off my shoulder!

Here’s the thing though; cancer is not something people should take lightly. You can’t say that a certain type of cancer is good or that someone who has cancer’s gonna be ok because the type of cancer he has has the least mortality rate.

I understand that sometimes people say such things without mala fide, y’know? Maybe they’re trying to be positive for the person who is going through cancer but you know what, unless and until you have gone through the same, I don’t think telling a cancer patient that it’s alright because less people die of it is just callous and insensitive.

Does it help when the person goes through months of physical and mental pain while being treated? No, it doesn’t!

There is no such thing as 'Good Cancer' even if the mortality rate is low

If the above is bad, just imagine being told that you don’t have cancer; ain’t it the worst thing that anyone could say or hear? This is the reason why I was so mad, I still am actually. As I’ve written in a previous entry, just because one wears a white coat doesn’t mean they know what cancer is.

Anyways, I’m seriously disgusted with how Malaysians tend to flock onto something that I personally think is utterly useless. When I wrote that entry, it was nothing but to vent the sadness I was going through in learning the death of someone who touched my life as well as the frustration I felt when I remembered what the twat said about her sickness.

But that’s that! Nothing more, nothing less.

And when I get over 80,000 hits on my blog for such a stupid reason, not only am I not comfortable, I actually take offence. My blog has always been primarily about my love for Air Jordan’s and yes, it has also evolved into a place where I can write my thoughts and feelings about subject matters that mean something to me but it’s never about and will never be about trying to ruin anyone.

And that’s that! Nothing, nothing less.

The entry that garnered such high numbers was never about trying to ruin someone. If the intentions were as such, I would have just consented to making her videos public when I was asked but I didn’t because it was the right thing to do. And it still is the right thing to do.

81,817 of people who have nothing better else to do *shakes head*

Honestly, this madness has reached crazy proportions. I have an appointment on Monday at Sloan-Kettering and I know someone who either works or studies there read the very same entry that has caused this insanity. How awkward would it be if I actually know the person or if that person actually knows me?

Madness! This is just ludicrous!


Just to sidetrack a bit, the following paragraph is addressed directly at My Li’l Girl, so I suggest the rest of you skip to the next paragraph.

Shine Sharon, nothing personal. We both know you said what you said. I am not gonna apologize for what I did because I didn’t do anything wrong. I just called a spade a spade, y’know?

In fact, I think you owe her family an apology for being so arrogant about your so-called expertise in knowing who has cancer or who doesn’t.

The entry was about Ai Ping, not about you. And unlike you and your posse, I am not on a witch-hunt to discredit or ruin you.

Aight, back to the rest of this post.

Ain't the Net a bitch?

You know what’s the worst thing in this whole madness? It’s the fact that more than half of the hits came from Penang! I’ve always been told by Penangites themselves that Penangites like to talk but this is truly remarkably stupid.

For God’s sake, how low can you guys go? If you stumbled upon the entry, why couldn’t you just leave as it is instead of fucking mass emailing your buddies the link? Oh, I know it was widely linked via email; I have Google analytics, you dumbassess!

Smile! The whole of Penang is looking at you!

Man, this is really stupid.



By the by, greetings from the city 'that is famous as a place of movie scenes'


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