The Story Of My Life

England is out!

And what a sad way to go out.

They were completely manhandled by the youthful German team and if truth be told, with the way they played, they deserved whatever they got.

Germany deserved to win. England sucked. Period.

The teams I supported in yesterday's games - Korea (because of Park Ji Sung) and the USA both lost. And now, one of my two favorite teams is out as well.

It's pretty much like my life this year.

Like the teams I supported, I seem to be always losing this year. I'm not gonna get into what I've lost so far but some of the losses are so unbelievably life-changing and a huge blow to my already low morale.

According to the Chinese calendar, this is supposed to be the year of the Rat but from the looks of it, nothing seems to be going my way.

Oh well.

The biggest disappointment for me *shakes head*

England and its fans are gonna complain about the goal that wasn't given. They're gonna go on and on with what could've and would’ve been if it was allowed. But you know what, what's the point? Bottom line, they lost.

Similarly, I could take the same approach and wonder the ‘what could-should-would’ scenarios but again, what's the point? Bottom line, like England, I lost and I need to let go of the losses.

At least I know majority of the most important things in my life are still thriving and I'm thankful. And being able to get a second chance at life is definitely something to be thankful for.

And as far as the World Cup is concerned, even if England is yet again a disappointment, there's still Argentina.

Hope springs eternal, they say.


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