Sometimes, Strangers Are More Appreciative Than The Ones We Know

Nowadays, I tweet and blog a lot. I don't Facebook anymore, I'm just past that; it's no longer like how it was when it first started. It has made relationships and people very impersonal.

The reason why I like tweeting is because it sort of acts like an online voice recorder, only difference is that, instead of talking, you write whatever that comes to your mind.

One of my tweets that people seemed to like. I seriously don't know why :-)

Anyways, over tweet conversations with other peeps, I write some stuff, mostly replies to people's questions. Sometimes, I write random thoughts or personal thoughts I have of certain subject matters that come to mind.

And it's truly rewarding, a self-confidence and morale booster when what you tweet gets retweeted by total strangers because they agree to what you just tweeted and/or they find inspiration in what you have written.

I've had a few tweets that were picked by ihatequotes, a non-celebrity page that has one of the biggest followings in twitter and other pages of the same genre.

And that is a nice compliment and in a way, an honor.


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