She Who Shows No Respect For Her Mother Deserves No Respect At All!

“Respect your elders.”

Isn’t this a phrase we’ve heard since childhood?

The concept of filial piety is almost unheard of in other societies in the world besides Asians. We Asians, as a society and as individual people, are generally known to be obedient and devoted towards our parents and other elders. Since we were kids, we were taught that filial piety is fundamental to our moral conducts.

I know the world has changed tremendously. But I still hold true to heart that whatever happens, I should never disrespect my elders, and definitely not my parents.

No amount of harassment or irritation could change the fact that I am in this world only because of my parents. Irrespective of how they annoy us, it is our duty to remain committed to ensuring their happiness.

Unfortunately, the commitments to this belief are lost amongst the young nowadays. I mean, sure one or both our parents sometimes irks the hell out of us but even then, we should never react negatively, even for a second.

Even animals respect their mothers...

I’m not saying I haven’t. If you know me enough, you’d know that my mom calls me a million times a day. Yeah it gets irritating especially when she calls for the most trivial of reasons at a time when I’m in the middle of something very important. And yes, there have been occasions when I have reacted in a manner undeserving of a mother’s love but it takes merely fleeting seconds before I apologize for bursting.

What I’m trying to say here is that, while most of us snap at our parents, it’s what we do afterwards that matters. On occasions when I find myself being disrespectful, I always immediately call my mom back and apologize for the outburst.

I guess You think You're above filial piety eh? Such a shame! By the way, nice Nips on this one! Urfi likes! LOL

While talking to my parents this afternoon, I was reminded of someone who has clearly lost what filial piety is all about. When I heard that the mother of someone she claimed she used to love felt disrespected by her arrogant way of communicating, and as much as I didn’t want to believe she could do that, I knew, deep in me, that she’s more than capable. If you can give your own mother the silent treatment for a long time, who are other people’s mothers to you?

I’m glad the people around me are not like that ungrateful daughter. My friends back in Malaysia come from the most elite of families, with wealth you couldn’t imagine, but none of them would dare to even remotely try to be disrespectful towards their parents, and especially not their own mothers.

Maybe, one doesn't need to do drugs to hate one's mother; one just have to work with drugs

In view of this, even if my own parents and especially my mom won’t agree if they knew, I truly and wholeheartedly believe that whatever happens to her is the world’s way of teaching her a lesson. A part of me is still very much bothered by what could happen to her but whenever I remember how disrespectful she was, that worry evaporates.

To love one's mother without showing respect is not loving her at all. Where would we be without our mothers? I remember what my late grandmother used to tell us whenever we went back to Sabah as kids. She always used to remind us that 'he who loves a girl who has no respect for her own mother doesn't love his own.'

And I love my mom to death and respect her more than I do anyone. And I'm also fortunate to see the same love and respect My Small Baby has for her own mother.

I know You wanted to be comparable to My Small Baby but do You know why I couldn't? She respects her mom, You don't.

God has a way of reminding us that we ain’t nothing but His creations. And one doesn't have to be a Muslim to believe the Hadith below:

فالجنة تحت أقدام الأمهات
"Paradise lies under the feet of mothers"

As the title of this entry suggests, I, too, have no respect for anyone who doesn't respect their own mothers.


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