Recovery is defined as "the act, process, or an instance of recovering..." and/or "the process of combating a disorder or a real or perceived problem."

One of, if not, the most anticipated albums to drop this year is Eminem’s Recovery album, slated to drop on the 18th of this month. I think any hip-hop fan out there would attest to the fact that Eminem is one of the greatest rap artistes that ever rhymed in the game.

Through the years, he gave us some of the genre’s greatest albums and rhymes. Personally, I think his last album – Relapse – was just aight; besides Beautiful, it lacked the usual Eminem swagger that we’ve all been accustomed to.

So yeah, I am really looking forward to Recovery and I hope it’s gonna be another Eminem classic.

To pay homage to one of the best rappers that ever held a mic, and while waiting for his next album, I compiled my top 3 favorite tracks from the one known to the world as Slim Shady.

Just click on the pictures to watch the videos. Here goes:

3. Stan - the first time I heard it, I immediately got hooked. It was my favorite Eminem song for a long time till the succeeding ones were released.

Too much of anything is only gonna fuck up your life!

2. When I’m Gone and Mockingbird – both spoke to me in a very personal manner. My life has always been about my family and when I say family, I’m not just talking about my immediate family members but also include all those whom I’ve regarded as such. And these songs epitomize the importance of family.

Love lost doesn't mean life lost

This is unconditional love at its best

1. My favorite Eminem track is ‘Lose Yourself’. It the song I listen to when I need to remind myself that before other people could even help me, I need to help myself by believing in what I can do and what I’m capable of.

The one I listen to when I need to pump-up myself

I am really looking forward to listening to Eminem's new album and I hope I won't be disappointed.


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