Only Losers Do That!

This is another classic 'wannabe-seen' 101.

I really find it disgusting and pathetic how some Malaysians like to take pictures of champagne bottles. And what's worst, usually they only have a bottle or two in their their tables!


It's really stupid and contradictory, if you come to think of it. More often than not, these people pop a bottle or two so as to be perceived as 'hi-soc' but little do they realize, their game is up as soon as they start taking pictures.

Don't take pictures of champagne bottles! It ain't cool. Only losers do that!

I ain't dissing no one but the only ones who actually do such things are those who are not champagne drinkers. If you're a bubbly drinker, you know you don't do that.


It's one of my peeves and every time I see people who that, I just smile and shake my head.


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