Only For The Right Reasons, Can Ah?

People read my blog for various reasons.

Some come because they like shoes, specifically Air Jordan’s. Some are my friends who just want to see what and how I’m doing. Some come here by accident while searching for something. Some because they like the way I think, according to them. Some are people I meet along the way who still find it difficult to marry my looks and my brain, as one of them said “he can’t be that smart, look at him!”


I hope people have the right reasons to check my blog

Of course, there are those who make my blog a part of their lives, like a guilty pleasure or an avenue for them to escape the pains and angst of the real world. There are those who are outright stalkers who check my blog non-stop and yet refuse to admit it. There is the category of people who text or email or call me and ask me for my thoughts on certain things.

And then we have people like My Small Baby who, despite not always agreeing to my points of view, understand why I think the way I think and do the things that I do. In the same category as My Small Baby are those who read my blog before or on their way to work and right before they go to sleep at night.

Whatever the reasons may be, I just wish and hope that y’all come to read my blog for the right reasons. And as much as it puts a smile to my face when I know certain people read my blog, I really hope they read it because they want to and not for any other mala fide reasons.

Stalking is not good people! LOL

Time and again I’ve always said that I’m not a blogger. I’m just a retired Sneakerhead who likes to puts his thoughts in a blog. And I’m not bothered at all how many hits I get daily; I never and will never try to make a dime out of the only place where I can write my deepest thoughts.

In all honesty, I’d rather have only 10 hits from people who actually like reading my blog as opposed to getting above 200 thousand hits daily from people who just wants a scoop or hoping to find something to use against other people.

That’s just me. And honestly, I don’t care what y’all think.

At least most of the times.


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