Not Bad But No Big Deal Either

Much ado about nothing.

That's the best way to describe the new iPhone OS 4.0. Sure, the interface looks better and what not, but it'll take time before someone really gets the hang of the new features.

The Interface looks neater because of the folders

The multitasking function is quite complicated, if you ask me. I'm not much of a user guide reader, I prefer the trial and error way of finding things out. So, yeah, it'll take time to really understand the features. Off the cuff though, it's cool to be able to listen to songs while surfing the net and tweeting :-)

Multitasking function is kinda hidden, hence, the complication

And the so-called folder function, it's pretty helpful if you have lots of apps but as I've said, you need to get the hang of things before you can really appreciate the full functions.

I like how the folder function allows for a one-touch search for similar apps

If you ask me, the best feature is the front camera that allows 3G calls but who makes such calls nowadays anyways?

It's not bad but it isn't revolutionary either. When it was launched, the tag line was "This changes everything. Again." and while there are definitely changes, they're not enough to deliver on that Brand promise.


My Small Baby said I'm a show-off! LOL

Just one more day Cmol and you'll have the same thing :p


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