My 1000th Post!

Did I mention that I've been tweeting a lot lately?


Anyways, I just tweeted by 1109th and I'm waiting for something so meaningful for my 1110th. I've been abstaining from replying to people's tweets because I want my 1110th to be something epic, something that best describes what I'm feeling and going through.

Till I find the right words, I'ma stop at 1109.

Oh, my 1000th tweet became my all-time retweeted entry! So far, it's been retweeted more than 1,000 times! :) Not bad, considering what it was.


If this was my most read entry here - 250 thou hits as of today - in my blog, below is my most retweeted tweet

My 1000th Post on Twitter

Oh, by the by, I'm about to finish on this short story I've been writing. It's about a group of friends and what they bitch about certain peeps in their group when they're not around.

I started writing the story because one of them asked a friend of mine to ask me what her friends have been bitching about her.

Oh well.


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