Murphy's Law Applies When...

... the person who loved you so much, whom you lied to and cheated on, and whose parents you disrespected, has stopped bailing you out of your troubles!


Even if all the holes were covered then, somehow or rather, especially when it is no longer expected, a hole or two would still surface. Unfortunately, this time around, the man who went on a mission to plug those holes, the one who prioritized Your future even when he was sick, just couldn't be bothered anymore.

I can't say I blame him though; serve You right!


As y'all might recall, in last night's 'before-I-go-to-sleep' post, I mentioned that I was told that there were 5 more videos, remember?

Well, I ain't no tease, so yeah, you can find them...


Oops, my bad!


I may not be a tease but I do have some decency left in me. It's only meant for certain people and hence, the need to password protect them. The password is the last line - every word, caps and commas - of a letter that was written by a 'jiwang old man.'

Anyone of you familiar with that story?

Once upon a time, there was this 'jiwang old man' who wrote his then girlfriend a letter while she was away. The story goes that she was already in the airport when she read it and apparently, she cried upon reading it.

Beautiful story, no?



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