Mixed Feelings...

Man, I’m really a walking contradiction!

Last night, while watching the US v England match, I kinda wanted the US team to get a draw! And they did!


Stevie G was superb!

I'm an England supporter, no doubt about that. But being where I am now, I somehow felt that it would be totally wrong, unpatriotic even, if the US lose.

It doesn't make sense, no?

Well, I'll always have a strong emotional connection with the United States. After all, I was born and grew up here. In any given sports, I always support the US team but this is soccer, y'know?

Even when I was growing up, I was the only one amongst the kids I know who was talking about Manchester United and Bryan Robson.

Anyways, the game ended in a draw. But I guess it’s good because both now has a very strong chance of going past the group stages. I don’t expect much from the US team but England, they have to go very, very far. I will be extremely disappointed, yet again, if they don’t.

#10 was not a factor; kudos to the US Defenders

I ain’t no soccer analyst but as I’ve said before in a previous entry, England has to stop relying too much on Wayne Rooney. In all fairness, Steven G stepped up and was inspirational but it wasn’t enough. I’m not even gonna blame the keeper, people make stupid mistakes but England could still have won the game.

I hate to say this but my main man Rooney was totally contained by the US defenders; he wasn’t a factor at all. But Rooney being Rooney, he’ll bounce back with a vengeance.

I hope.


Oh, by the way, charge it to my eccentricity but I was so happy that Heinze scored the goal for Argentina! Why? Because he was a Red Devil! LOL And so was Verona and Tevez! Go Argentina!

Oh, oh; Messi was mesmerizing!

Later peeps, I'm off the city!


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