Lost In Definition

I was browsing through some stuff in the Jordan Brand section when this kid next to me gave me the 'two thumbs up' and said something. Because I had my earpiece on, I didn't hear what he said, so I took it off and asked him again.

He said, "you're listening to old school rap, that's tight man"

I replied with a nod and a smile. But at the back of my mind, I was thinking "what old school?"

A Tribe Called Quest

I had Nas' illmatic on and it ain't no old school; old school are legends like Afrika Bambaataa, A Tribe Called Quest, LL, Run DMC, Flash, Sugar Hill, Ice T and the likes. Or if you wanna push it to a much later stage, the Biggie-2Pac era; that's old school.

But Nas? C'mon now.

The Master That Is Afrika Bambaataa

I maybe a huge Jay Z fan but Nas is one of best there is and his Illmatic will live forever!

Then it dawned on me; the kid's definition of old school is totally different from mine. The weird thing is that I didn't feel old; intead, I felt privileged because I've gone through two generations of 'old school' hip-hop, y'know?

How many people could say that?

As I always say, the 80's were the shit when it came to music. And I'm so glad I am from that generation.


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