Let's Go Celtics!

Beat LA! Beat LA! Beat LA!

Gotta Beat LA!

Game 3 is in a couple of hours and I hope the Celtics play with the same intensity as they did in Game 2. The good thing is that the Celtics are back at The Garden and I reckon, if they can beat the Lakers at the Staple Center, they should have the upper hand coming into this game.

Game 3 is a very important game in the series, after game 5. If the Celtics win this game, which I hope they do, they will be going into game 4 with the right attitude and confidence. And if they win Game 4, then they can end the series at home!

But in the NBA, one needs to take the game one at a time.

Ray Allen wears Jordan's! Ha!

I really think that KG must step up. He's been playing below par in the first 2 games and if the Celtics were to dominate the low post, KG has to play like the All-Star that he is.

In game 2, Ray Allen, on his way to breaking the NBA Finals record of 8 consecutive 3-pointers, carried the Celtics most of the way. KG and Paul Pierce were way off their usual games.

The Celtics #9. He will guide the Celtics to the NBA title.

But it was, as I predicted, the Celtics #9 that was the one who shined. Rajon Rondo was brilliant again for Boston, notching his fifth career playoff triple-double with 19 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists.

It's the year of #9!

I said Lee DeWyze was gonna win because he wore a #9 Cubs Jersey and he did. Now, I'm gonna predict that Rajon Rondo is gonna quarterback the Celtics to the NBA title!

Let's go Celtics! East Pride!


Dayum! The Glee Season Finale is also at 9!


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