Let The Madness Begin!

I admit, I used to do this.

But they were all for Air Jordan's and even then, those were the times when I was a teenager. As I grew up and gotten to know more peeps in the game, I hustled for them J's in a different way.

But this is what I won't do - queue up for any gadget, even if it's an iPhone.

This was in NYC a few days back

Madness, ain't it?

As I've said, it ain't bad but it's no big deal either. If you're planning to get one, I say, either just update your current OS or wait for the next generation where the changes are gonna be better. At least, I hope.

And this was yesterday! Asians are mad too! LOL

My Small Baby's favorite place

Luckily, I don't do this nor do I have to do it anymore. It pays to know peeps in the right places, no?

Oh well...


Did I mention that the best feature of the iPhone 4.0 is the face time? But did you know that you could only do it if there's a wifi available?

Bummer eh?


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