The Legend That Is Toru Iwatani

I am no gamer.

I do indulge here and there but I'm not a fan at all.

Unless if it's Pac Man, then it's a different story. Not only did I grow up playing Pac Man but it was the only game that I actually liked and spent hours on. I was more of a 'realist' kinda kid; I preferred to play the actual sport than on a video consul.

Toru Iwatani showing the original Pac Man drawings

Not many people know who Toru Iwatani is but they certainly know his creation. And it's only fitting that he was the recipient of a Guinness World Records certificate for Pac Man.

The original 1979 Pac Man drawings

And in the advent of Wii, Play Stations and Xboxes, Pac Man may not be as popular as it used to be. But Toru Iwatani and his creation would still live forever.

And that is what being a legend is all about.


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