Just Because You Wear A White Coat Doesn't Mean You Know Jack Shit!

It's hard for me to say this loud, it truly is.

I just wanted to mourn in silence, I know that's how she wanted it to be. But after seeing the picture below in Post Secret, I knew that I had to get this off my chest.

What gives people in white coats the right to perceive themselves as experts when it comes to cancer? Just because you've seen lots of them, or even treated them, do not mean that you're a fucking expert.

Guess what? YOU are fucking wrong! I know you're smart and would go on to be successful but at times, you are so fucking arrogant for your own good. I just hope you won't make mistakes in diagnosing your patients because clearly, you don't know jack shit!

For your information, the little girl whom you diagnosed so confidently, and through a picture at that, to be cancer-free passed away this morning.

Fuck you, you twat! I tried to be civil, I tried to be the better person but Ai Ping's death made me realize how much of a twat you are.

I've been done with you for a long time and while at times, I felt I was too harsh, I just couldn't give a fuck anymore.

So yeah, fuck you twat!

I know you're in a better place now.
Thanks for enriching my life; you will never be forgotten...

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