It's A Good Thing

It's a good thing that the Americans don't watch soccer like the Malaysians.

Back in Malaysia, friends gather in a place to watch the matches together with hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of other people. They would normally convene in a ‘mamak’ restaurant or in an open-spaced place where huge ass screens are built.

U S A! U S A! U S A!

In the States however, while friends also gather, they would normally watch the matches on TV at someone's home. The American way of watching games augurs well for people like me. I am too much of an emotional fan to be watching it with hordes of people who support an opposing team.

Just imagine supporting England amidst thousands of US fans; wouldn’t it be one scary thought? Lucky for me, and much to My Small Baby’s chagrin, I like to watch the games at home.

England's performance would depend on Man United's #10

I hope England wins.

My only concern though is that, like the Red Devils last season, England is too dependent on Rooney. I just hope the others like Frank Lampard and Stevie G steps up to ease the load off Man United and England's #10.

Otherwise, there could be a huge upset!


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