In Solidarity With Those With Cancer

I used to wear one of these for a long, long time.

My late grandmother died of breast cancer and it was my way of honoring and remembering her.

Do You remember this band and this particular pair of AJ's?

Ever since it first came out, I've had one on my wrist. And I had it for years till last year when, on a visit to Penang, I lost it at the E&O hotel.

Honestly, it was kinda weird to be initially without it but as time passed by, I got used to not having them on my wrist. Oh, speaking of which, the band was very much similar to my family ring; I've had my ring for years but since February this year, I didn't have them anymore.

But God has a way of reminding us and reminded indeed I was.

So yeah, I have one on me again. And lots of replacements just in case I lose not only my band but myself again. As for my family ring, whoever has it, should know that till today, the same rationale I said then, remains.

This entry is in memory of Ai Ping and in support of those who are fighting not only Cancer but imbeciles who think it's no big deal to have one.


I remember the first time I met Gay Boy; he said wearing a Livestrong band was so 2004 and I explained to him that my late grandma died of Cancer and that it has no expiry date. He's proven to be an imbecile wannabe then as he's still one now.

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