I'll Give You What You Want!

For a long time, I was at peace with myself.

Yes, I was going through a very difficult time but I managed to keep my temper in check and in the process, allowed people to frolic around and make fun of me and the people I love. The continuous bitching and unremitting smears against me were met with a nothing but a shoulder dust-off.

That is, until I was informed of the death of someone who not only shared the same pain that I was going through, but someone who made me laughed so much that I forgot my own miseries when I was in her company.

And then I remembered how arrogant someone was.

You shouldn't have cheated on the person you claimed to have loved unconditionally

But even when I wrote my own memoriam for her, it was never intended to humiliate anyone, let alone someone I was once very close to. In fact, in succeeding entries, I even questioned myself for writing what I wrote and even pleaded with people to stop the madness that I created.

But when I got to Suffolk, whatever remorse I had was flushed out instantly; the floodgates of regret and hatred just overpowered my subconscious mind and when I remembered how arrogantly disrespectful she was towards the woman I loved the most in this world, it finally dawned on me that it was a huge mistake helping her out the first time.

I've always had problems with how she treated her own parents but it wasn’t my place to say anything. But when she treated other people’s parents - who incidentally put in a lot of time, money and effort to bail her out and allowed her to keep whatever dignity she had - like the way she treats her own parents, then she deserves whatever is coming her way.

Always Remember

And don’t get it twisted, I never asked for Your forgiveness. I didn’t do anything that warranted forgiveness. On the contrary, it is You who need to ask for forgiveness from the people You disrespected with Your arrogance and ‘holier than thou’ attitude.

Unfortunately for You, I ain’t like any of Your ex-boyfriends, who cowered under Your temper and tantrums, and allowed themselves to be used and abused. But I guess You finally found Your match eh?

Lest You forget, I made You. I introduced You to a world of privileges that You wouldn’t have known otherwise. And always remember, that for every ounce of arrogance You have in You, You need to multiply that by 9 before you get to where I am.

And similar to the Gay Boy, if You want war, I’ll give You war.

I'm sure you know what quote John Lyly is famous for

Oh, just remember what John Lyly wrote in The Anatomy of Wit before You decide to go head-to-head against me.


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