If You Can't Afford 'Em, Don't Wear 'Em!

This is not a diss aimed at those who do.

But I just can't stand people who wear fake Ralph Lauren's!

I ain’t gonna apologize for what would be perceived as this bratty and aristocratic behavior but from someone who makes a living out of Branding and more importantly, someone who loves the Ralph Lauren Brand, I just think it’s wrong to wear fakes.

And you know what’s worst? When losers try to pass them off as authentic! Ha! It’s as if people won’t know! Ralph Lauren’s ain’t that expensive anyways, so why wear fakes? I just don't get it.

Honestly, while it peeves the shit out of me, I do understand that not everyone comes from the same income level group but I say, if you can’t afford them; why wear them? I’d rather wear a white t-shirt than a fake one on any given day.

Guess which ones are fake?

I think subconsciously it’s one of the reasons, albeit a minor part, why I don’t Facebook anymore. The amount of people who are fakes in every way - from what they wear to what they say and portray to be – just makes me sick.

Really, fake Ralph Lauren’s? C’mon now, You can do and deserve better than not.


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