I Think I Wanna Be A Lecturer!

I’m not joking!

I think it’s gonna be awesome if I become a lecturer, don’t you think so?

I could teach any Marketing subjects and I’d know firsthand what I’m talking about.

What do y’all think?

I have always considered the educators as having the most noble of all professions. The money ain’t great nor the perks are good but they are the very people that have shown true passion for the things they do.

The House of Education

Moreover, no successful person in this world could say that no teacher had inspired them; even world leaders often thank their teachers for playing a part in their success.

My parents are both educators; at least they started as such. And albeit they’re no longer professors, they still consider teaching – at any level – as the most satisfying thing to do. And I totally agree.

Put it this way; wouldn’t you want to have a lecturer who can relate to you and whom you’ll probably see in a club having bubbly and dancing like a mad man?


I'm cool enough to be like Mr Schu! LOL

Really, wouldn’t it be cool to have a lecturer who doesn’t wanna grow old? Someone whom you could approach and talk to about life? Someone who’s worldly enough to know what’s going on in the world, yet cool enough to know what’s the latest club to hit?


I think I’m gonna be one cool lecturer, no? I'm very successful in my field, so the credibility is there. I’ve been exposed to different worlds and cultures and would have no problem relating to different students from different backgrounds. I could always muster, if what I currently have ain't enough, adequate charm to ensure that my students would be comfortable with me.

Aren’t the above-mentioned qualities a time and tested formula for a successful educator?

Personally, I prefer to teach at the tertiary level. Well, I can’t teach elementary and secondary anyways; you need an SPM for that and I don't have one.

And hope to inspire like Mr Keating...

Anyways, I would really love to try teaching. Maybe not as a full-time lecturer; I don’t think I’d be able to survive on the pay! So yeah, as soon as I'm back, I'ma holler at colleges and universities and see if I could teach Marketing or Branding.

We’ll see.

The desire is definitely there so yeah, let’s see.


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