I Love Where I Was...

I shall overcome. I always do.

I was going through my blog archives and I was reminded that today, exactly one year ago, I wrote what I was feeling then, and when I remember how happy I truly was, the betrayal is getting harder and harder to forgive. And the climb back to decency is becoming more and more difficult.

Last year today, I was loving my life.

Everything was almost perfect then...

I had a great job, I was loved and I loved, I was in the company of people who I really got along well - eccentricities included - and the promise of future never looked bright.

And then, with a single stroke of belief for the unbelievable, coupled with suspicions that were proven to be true, everything came crashing down...

Now, I truly wonder if I'll ever get up again. Oh, I'm sure I will but I'm not so sure if I could reach the same heights the way I did last year. People don't realize that throughout my life, it was only last year that I felt completed; that I was completed.

Behind this mess and the eccentricities of a mad man lie infinite knowledge

But like how she's always done in the past, specially whenever I hit a junction in my life, My Small Baby once again proves to be my voice of reason. While discussing about the current instabilities in my life, she texted and reminded me that, quoting the man whom I've always been inspired of and by, "imagination is your preview of life's coming attraction..."

Timely reminder. Apt too.

And I just know the perfect way to start.

For the umpteenth time...

"in order to forget, I need to remember..." - IIO

I just have to decide what I do with the remembrances.

Decisions, decisions...


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