I Love Them Tumblr Kids!


Man, I just adore them kids, let me tell you.

They've got so much free time in their hands and do all sorts of weird stuff but you know, if I had children, I'd rather they do stuff like these than out gallivanting with their friends doing God knows what.

If you were to go through any Tumblr account, these kinds of stuff are in abundance. And they keep on re-uploading them over and over again, similar to how tweets are retweeted.

The one below just made me smile so much! The kind of smile a 12 or 13 yr old has on when he's on his first date with the girl he's had a crush on for a long time! Yeah, that kind of smile :-)

I don’t know if y’all get this but for me personally, it just hits the mark right on the spot!

It’s not so hard actually, yknow?

Y'all don't have to be a Mensa member like Me or My Li’l Girl or even an evil genius like the Prince of Darkness to get this; a little common sense would suffice.

Or maybe, I'm the only one who found this amusing.

But whatever it is, I know I’m gonna go to sleep with a huge smile on my face.

Thanks Nab, whoever you are.



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