How Dumb Can You Be?

I wonder whether he’s getting a huge commission out of this or he is just plain stupid! I like to think it's both.

According to an Associated Press report, Malacca Chief Minister Mohamad Ali Rustam, in defending an Indian company called Vivo BioTech Ltd., said “God created animals for the benefits of human beings. That's why he created rats and monkeys ... We cannot test on human beings"

The monkey brain that is running Malacca

While I do not completely disagree that some animals were created for human benefits – such as for food and what not – but coming up with a broad generalization like the aforementioned statement, to justify the buildup of an animal testing medicine lab in Malacca, just shows how stupid, insensitive and dumb some of the country’s leaders are.

I know how politics are played; I come from a political family. But when will the election of stupid leaders end?

*shakes head in disgust*


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