Did I Go Too Far?

Maybe, I did.

Maybe, I didn’t.

Y’all were divided, based on the texts, calls and emails that I got. But it was clear that the majority of you thought I didn’t. Some of you even wanted more!

The only reason why I even entertained the thought that I might have gone a tad bit too far was because i. the person concerned was once a part of my life; someone I truly cared for, even loved and allowed to come between My Small Baby and I; and ii. my little sister texted me and told me that I should take it down.

In all fairness, I did take it down but when I remembered how sad the late Ai Ping was with what that twat said, something in me felt that I should do what I wanted to do and that is when I decided to put it back.

Am I sorry? Not really.

I admit there’s a part of me, the better part actually, that is somewhat remorseful but if you know me well enough, you know that I always, always stand up for my peeps and most of all, I am someone who just don’t give a fuck.

And with this, I don’t give a fuck.

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