Deodorants, Anyone?

This is another peeve of mine.

I know it happens to a lot of people and it's nothing personal, really; I just get disgusted whenever I see it.

I don't understand why people with sweaty armpits allow the sweat to overflow onto their shirts. I think it's disgustingly yuckie but forget what I think, doesn't it affect your self-confidence? I know it would affect mine when the person I'm talking to keeps on looking at it!

She's one of the most gorgeous woman in the world; too bad her armpits sweat like Zidane!

Moreover, it's not as if they're not preventable, y'know? All you have to do is use deodorants! And if you sweat like Zidane, then use a stronger one!

There are peeps I know who were like that and not only did I tell them about it, I also gave them deodorants that I knew worked. So yeah, if your sweat leaks, holler at me and I'ma give you something to keep it dry!


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