Charice Joins Glee!

Watch out Rachel Berry, there's a new star in Mckinley High!


Charice Pempengco, the gifted singer from the Philippines and who took America by storm, making Ellen and Oprah weep in the process, has just been cast as a regular in Glee.

I don't expect most of you to know her; hell I don't expect Malaysians to know her! We're just not cultured enough to know international talents besides the ones from the west.

Charice is another reason why I'm proud to be half-Filipino. I know how Malaysians look down at Filipinos in general but if truth be told, creative talents wise, we are so far from the Filipinos.

When you've sung with Bocelli, you know you're special!

And it's all the more sweeter for someone like Charice, whose family was living way below poverty level back before she was discovered. For someone that young, who grew up in a broken home, to have the determination to be somebody is a trait most Malaysians could only dream of.

She may not be as pretty as Bieber but she definitely has way better talent. She's had duets with the likes of Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, and when you get to share the stage with peeps like them, you know you've got mad talents!

Just listen to her voice

I can't wait to watch her out sing even Rachel Berry! :-)


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