The Beginning Of The End

I've always loved HongKong.

It's a place where many beautiful memories were created that is forever stored in my heart. My Small Baby and I, during the beginning of our relationship, always enjoyed visiting Hongkong.

Well, I know I did. My Small Baby, maybe not so much. She didn't enjoy it as much as I did and it's my entire fault :-( We spent most of our days buying my Air Jordan's and in retrospect; I would have done it totally different.

One day...

Anyways, one of my eccentricities, and My Small Baby would attest to this, is that I believe that what you do and who you're with as you welcome New Year's day would then mean that you would be doing the same thing and be with the same person for that whole year.

But what happened this year made me change my whole outlook towards this belief. I was in HongKong when 2010 came and I was chasing after something that I loved so much and even when my instincts were telling me that I was being played, the love and passion I had for what I was doing forced me to put aside my instincts and went ahead with what I thought would last for a long time.

And as I sit here in the same city where I thought I was gonna build a future I can’t help but feel such a fool. Why didn’t I see that I was being played? Why did I not trust my instincts like I normally do?

While things are looking good and a new future awaits for me in KL, thinking of what happened here makes me bitter again. And every time I feel bitter and betrayed, I want the people responsible for my anger and bitterness to pay, big time.

But what's the point? It's all in the past now and I need to leave it there, even if I don't want to, 'nah mean?

Oh well…

I used to love HongKong. I don’t think I do anymore.

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