Are You A Cuckold?

Or a closet gay, maybe?

Either way, only those kinds of people carry a woman's bags!

I don't know about y'all but personally, I can't stand men carrying their woman's handbags. It just seems so cuckolding, y’know? Not to mention, pathetic!

Romantic? Romantic my ass!

And please, don’t even start the ‘romantic’ card, there ain’t no romantic about carrying your woman’s bag! There are a million ways to show romance and believe you me, carrying your woman’s purse is definitely not one of them!

It’s simple, really.

If you’re gay, come out and be true to yourself and to your woman. If you’re a cuckold, then either keep it in the bedroom or be man enough to allow your woman to fuck someone else. You can’t have the best of both worlds, ‘nah mean?

Do you know how degrading this is?

I ain’t got nothing against gays and/or cuckolds. In fact, I have lots of gay friends and even my mentor is gay. I don’t know anyone who’s a cuckold though but then again, even if people I know are, at least they keep it in their respective bedrooms, which is fine by me.

This is just another one my peeves. And yes, I’m dissing those who do it.

Better still, why don't you pussies heed My Small Baby's advice.


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