Am I Like Norman Bates?


Someone accused me of being just that, once upon a time.


Seriously though, I am neither psychopathic nor psychotic, so how could I then be a psycho? I’m arrogant yes, stubborn yes, narcissistic (sometimes) yes, but I’m definitely far from being a psycho.

Why the crazy thoughts in the morning, you may ask.

Well, I was woken up by bright sunshine streaming through the window of my room and I initially thought that the shine was an indication heralding a glorious new day. Now, that would a great way to start the day, no?

But alas! not half an hour into the glorious morning and positive thoughts, I received a text that made me cringe in disbelief! And while my heart and mind really wanted to just disregard it, a part of me just didn’t allow that.

People always cite the very famous quote, “hell has no fury like a woman scorned” but if you’re a Mensa member like me, or smart enough like The Urfman, then you should know that, in the original William Congreve verse, there’s another line before that.

Unfortunately, not many mortals know.


Dayum! When will this hatred from y'all end?

As a whole, I’m already in the ‘Acceptance’ stage but every time I remember how my suspicions were right, I'm unwittingly brought back to the ‘Anger’ stage and when I’m there, I have this callous outlook to whatever consequences my actions would bring.

No, I’m not going or being ‘Psycho’ again; I’m just expressing myself the way my emotions want to be expressed. And if anyone of you becomes the subject of my hate parade, too bad.

Because right now, I just don’t give a fuck!


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