Always Remember...

If you've watched the season finale of Glee, you'd know that the one person who single-handedly terrorized the whole of Glee was also the very same person who single-handedly saved their asses!

They peeps should thank Sue!

New Directions lost. They didn't only lose to Vocal Adrenaline but didn't even place at all. And as per the agreement between Mr Schu and Principal Figgins, should they lose, Glee Club is gone. And that's when Sue Sylvester came in; she asked Figgins to give them another year.

I didn't really enjoy the finale; besides Diana Agron's powerful and heart wrenching acting as well as Jonathan Groff's solo and powerful rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, it's the worst finale of all the shows that I regularly follow.

Diana Agron and Jonathan Groff stole the Finale!

But anyways, what I wanted to write about is not so much the finale but the thoughts that came to mind. I don't know if the peeps behind the show wanted the audience to get the same message but for me personally, I deduced two things.

Firstly, don't always think or assume that the bad guys are always bad. Sometimes, you need to go deeper than what is shown. It's only human nature to go against the people who are perceived to be the antagonists but unless and until you're sure that they are truly evil, then it’s incumbent upon you to find out the truth.

Secondly and more importantly, always remember; as in, never forget.

Just because people tell you someone is bad doesn't necessarily mean it's true.

Throughout the whole season, Sue's hellbent on bringing the Glee Club down, at any cost. But when they were finally down and out, it was her who gave them another lifeline.

Similarly, You should never forget that the people who had a hand in making You who You are now, or who You are perceived to be, are also the same people who can, not only bring You down but totally crash and humiliate Your very existence.

Always ‘memba that!


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