Alvin Kills It!

I've been privileged to have watched and heard the best Malaysian Hip-Hop DJ's through the years, from The Party Man & Jake Man during Baze days to DJ Nesh to the current undisputed king, Goldfish.

No one puts on a show like the Baze duo and Nesh is the Hip-Hop purist but personally, no one mixes better than DJ Goldfish. I think he's the best amongst the lot.

Alvin Teoh aka DJ Goldfish

Back in KL, whenever I wanna listen to good music, I always go to his his 4Play set in Zouk, even when I have to work the next day. Good Hip-Hop music is hard to come by and he's the only one I really go to to listen when I need good music.

Anyways, have a listen to his 'bootleg' version of my girl Mizz Nina's (feat Colby O' Donis) hit, 'What U Waiting For'. It's awesome and I can already imagine the girls grooving sexily to this track!

Of course, I have to show y'all, in case you haven't seen it yet, Mizz Nina's original video for the same song. I've known her for ages and I must say, I have never seen her as hot as this.

Sup? Tasmanian Devil! :-)

Mizz Nina feat Colby O' Donis

Malaysian Hip-Hop, should it continue to be like this, is on the right track.


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