Adidas Is Killing Nike!

Nike may be the biggest sports Brand in the world but in World Cup 2010, it is Adidas that rules!

Of the 8 quarter-finalists, it's Adidas 4, Nike 2 and Puma 2.

The Adidas Boys

If you look at one half of the quarter-finals draw, all the teams pitted against each other – Argentina v Germany and Spain v Paraguay - are all sponsored by Adidas and on the other half of the draw, it’s Nike - Brazil v Holland - on one end and Puma – Uruguay v Ghana on the other.

Nike may have less representation at this stage of the tournament but in Brazil, they could still end up as the Brand that lifts the World Cup. But of course, Adidas, in either Argentina or Spain, could still spoil the fun for them.

The Nike Boys

Personally, I am a Nike man because Air Jordan is a part of Nike but as I’ve said from the start, I am an Argentina fan and if I were to choose between my Brand of choice and my favorite team, I’ma definitely choose the latter.

So yeah, I’m hoping that Adidas would rule the World Cup 2010.


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