You Can’t Censor GutterUncensored Forever!

Let me start by saying that I am doing this as a favor to someone who had my back when someone I know got into trouble. He was kind enough to not expose something that could have ruined the life of someone I was once close to.

Anyways, a lot of people sent me emails asking me how I got the link to the new gutteruncensored site. It doesn’t matter how I got it or if I know the site owner personally; what matters is that you guys, who searched all over the internet for the new link, gets it.

Yesterday, I wrote that gutteruncensored is back and no matter how you censor gutteruncensored, it will find its way back on the net and back on the screens of millions of people. Trying to censor gutteruncensored forever is futile, really. The more you censor gutteruncensored, the more people would want to find ways to watch it.

So, to those who are planning to email me to ask for the links, please don’t; my email is, as it is, so flooded already. I have provided the link to the new site yesterday as well as above. I hope you could then leave me alone to live my life in boredom.

Oh, by the by, some people seriously need to count their blessings.

Enjoy guys.


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