Yes, Guamanians Are Americans


One of my ex-staff, who is currently in Guam for whatever reason, texted me and asked me if Guam is part of the Philippines!


God, this just cracked me up! I know it's not nice but I just couldn't help it. Nor can I blame her either. If you have been to Guam, you would be forgiven if you think the place is indeed a part of the Philippines.

For the record, Guam is part of the United States and while they have an indigenous tribe there that makes up around 30% of the population, the Filipinos come in 2nd with around 23%. Filipinos are everywhere in Guam. Even the elected leaders of that tiny island are mostly Filipinos, I think.

So, you can't really blame anyone for thinking that it is part of the Philippines. But it does crack me up though.

Oh well.


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