Why Do People Make Sex Tapes?

The initial reaction by many would always be because they’re stupid.

Or are they?

A friend of mine just sent me the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape and honestly, what’s the big deal? I mean, yeah it’s Kendra, the famous Playboy Bunny but the video itself is not all that. If you ask me, the highlight of the whole film is her whimpers and sounds but that’s it. The dude she was with is butt ugly! LOL I know I’m not good looking but I think I’m better looking than the guy! No, I am definitely better looking than him! LOL

Anyways, seriously, going back to what I wanted to write about, I think it’s kinda hypocritical for those who judge couples that make sex tapes. Granted that it’s, in a way, careless but it is those motherfuckers who can’t wait to watch such tapes that are at the forefront of those who are first to criticize.

So what possesses a couple to actually make one? Let’s be honest here; it is the men who want to do it, the women just do it out of love for their man. And why do men like taping what is essentially something that is not meant to be shared with the world?

I guess it’s the thrill of being on video, no? I have said it before; most men watch porn or at the very least, have watched porn. Maybe there’s a ‘porno star wannabe’ syndrome in men, and that the act of documenting such intimate acts with their women sort of fulfills that longing.

The Kendra Sex Tape is boring...

But what I can’t stomach are men who do it without the consent of their partner; I just think it’s wrong and one that should not be tolerated. One of the biggest sex scandals in the Philippines is that of Hayden Kho; a cosmetic surgeon who videotaped his sex escapades with his girlfriends - who are mostly famous Filipina actresses - but he did it without them knowing and it’s only right that he’s prosecuted by law. I’m not sure where the case is at the moment but I really hope that he goes to jail where he gets butt fucked by the other prisoners everyday for as long he is there!

I am not going to criticize those who videotape their sex sessions but if I may, I will strongly advice not to do it. Shit happens all the time and even if those tapes are meant to be seen by only the people who did them, the amount of sex tapes that are out there right now, is a lesson, a huge lesson, that even if the intentions are good, things happen and before you know it, what was supposed to be private is being enjoyed by millions of people all over the world.

With the internet, trying to stop a leakage of a sex tape is almost impossible. One needs to have lots of money to pay off the sites and very strong connections to try intimidate whoever is planning to expose it but if the tapes end up in countries like the States, where freedom of speech is sacred and religiously enforced, there is no money in the world that could prevent it from going out to the public.

And even if you can stop it now, there is no guarantee that it will be concealed forever. Just look at the Kendra sex tapes; it’s been almost 6 years and it is only now that it’s surfaced. Honestly, is it worth all the trouble?

I am not judgmental by nature but personally, even if I think it’s ok so long as the other party is willing, it’s better not to do it. I think men should prioritize and be mindful of what could potentially happen over the thrill derived from making a sex tape.

And as for the women, I know that a lot of them only agree to participate in the videotaping because of their love for their man. And as someone I know once said, she only agreed because she had ‘unconditional love’ for her bf but is it really worth it? She's not even with the bf now and luckily, the trickle of leakages were contained.

Honestly, is it worth it? I think not.

We humans are such that we tend to think that nothing bad could happen to us and that even if we do make a sex tape, and because our intentions are not malicious but purely for the thrill of it, it would remain safe.

But don’t we human always err, no?


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