When Boredom Strikes Part VII

I'm seriously bored! :-(

I can't go out, I have nothing to do and I miss My Small Baby, so since Mr V - ask My Small Baby who he is :-) - is my one constant companion, I 'm starting a new series of posts in my blog; I'ma label this one "Peeves".

So yeah, here goes...

I THINK MEN WITH POPPED COLLARS LOOK LIKE FOOLS! Y'all think you look cool? No you don't! I understand it's become a fashion but seriously? C’mon now…

Y'all look like fools, fools!

There are reasons, valid practical reasons, why people who served as the inspiration to that fashion pop their collars. Ask anyone who plays Polo or golf or cricket or any game played in an open field, and they will tell you that the reason why they need to pop their collars is because the heat is unbearable, especially when it hits you at the back of your neck.

Mind you, if you’re walking on the streets and it’s hot, by all means, pop your collar. But when you’re in a secluded place, and especially in clubs, please don’t; y’all seriously look like fools!

And I'm sure most of you wannabes do not even know that there is a rule to popping collars. You should only pop your collars if they don't go beyond the lowest part of your ear. But sadly, I've seen lots of Malaysians with collars that could cover the entire back of their heads!

Sad, isn't it?

Women look hot with popped collars though :-)

But women, on the other hand, with popped collars look great; just don’t wear it in a club y’know?

So, the next time I look at you in a weird way with a sarcastic smile, check your collars :-)


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