What A Joke!

When I heard it a few days back, I seriously thought it was a joke but upon checking, it's true that Justin Bieber is nominated for 'Best New Artiste' in the upcoming BET Awards.

I am all for 'colorblindedness' but this is a tad bit too much. As it is, the boy is an African-American wannabe, with the way he talks and acts and all. To actually recognize his wannabe-ness is just ridiculous of BET.

Call me a hater if you want, but I ain't got no love for Justin Bieber. Yes, he's cute and all but the boy can't sing for nuts! When the Bieber Fever settles down, he's gonna be remembered in music history as the equivalent of Vanilla Ice!

I'm gonna let the video speak for the ridiculousness of the whole thing. Just click on the pic to watch.


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