Tonight Is The Night And I Can't Wait!

After 6 years of religiously following the show, after years of being subjected to both good and bad seasons, after years of being part of the clueless conspiracy theories-mad groupies, one of the TV shows that I've watched through the years, without missing a single episode, comes to an end tonight, with a 2 1/2 hours Finale aptly titled 'The End'.

Yes, Lost has finally comes to an end.

And while a season or two were completely rubbish, I must say that the last few seasons have been awesome. The final season, in particular, have lived up to its billing and fans all over the world are glued to their seats, episodes after episodes, in the build up to tonight's ending, all hoping that the answers to all their questions would finally be answered.

I have so many questions that I want answered too but what I'm scared of the most is if the Finale fails in its quest to answer the many questions that made Lost one of the most-watched and most-followed shows in the history of TV entertainment.

I just hope it won't be an ant-climax. But then again, I really won't be surprise if the creators would end the show with more questions than answers; at least that way, the Lost mania would continue.

Whatever it is, I know I will be joining millions of people who would be sitting their asses down for 2 1/2 hours to watch the Finale live.


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