I Don't Need To Introduce Myself

The Prince of Darkness was in town for the weekend and he wanted to catch up. He also wanted to hit the clubs – Velvet was his choice – and who am I to say no to a visiting friend? So, he rounded up everyone and we hit Velvet.

Here’s the thing; it’s been ages since I went out. I am not particularly social nowadays, that part of me is long gone. I just don’t feel like hitting the clubs anymore after what happened and what I went through.

But that night was an exception. An ex-colleague, whom I consider a good friend, was in town and I had to play host. Oh, I’m sure he would’ve managed without me but I wanted to go as well, it’s been sometime that I saw him.

Anyways, as we were walking towards our table, I noticed that the table next to us had their eyes on me. I don’t know them and I don’t think I’ve seen them before. The ringleader turned towards a waiter and asked the guy “isn’t that Ivan? Ivan Omar?” The waiter replied, “yes, that is Ivan.”

Honestly, such a thing never fazes me. I always get that anyways so no biggie. As the prince’s guests arrived and settled down, I felt the kids staring at me again. I wasn’t sure what to think; is it because I lost so much weight? Or is it because most of those who were at our table were girls?

Whatever it was, I was a bit bothered and the security peeps that are normally with me saw my discomfort. They looked at me, asking for my consent to approach the kids on the other side but while I was bothered, I wasn’t bothered enough to do anything about it. Throughout my stay, they just kept on looking and looking and looking at me and the people I was with. I told myself they could look all they want, I couldn’t give a fuck, seriously.

It was only when the operations manager approached me that I found out why the kids were behaving the way they did. Apparently, when they saw that I was in the club, they wanted to ‘show force’, to redeem and revenge Penang Pride, for what I did to them when I visited Penang last year with my then colleagues.

When the operations manager narrated it to me, I burst out laughing! LOL Seriously? They even asked the operations manager, who also hails from the island, and while he was chatting to me, to get me and my entourage out of the club or they would never go back there!

I didn’t mean to be rude but I just burst out laughing again! And 3 of them joined their ringleader, came to me and asked me why I was laughing. I just shrugged and smiled. Then, one of them said something that pissed me off; he asked me to introduce myself to them!

WTF? Are you fucking kidding me?

There and then I thought to myself that I have changed and I’m not about to ‘layan’ some punk ass kids who think they are all that. God, I wanted to, I really wanted to. But I’m proud of myself for not entertaining them. *taps self on the shoulder*

Instead, the operation manager came to my defense and summarily dismissed them with the following sentence: “I don’t know what he did but I’m sure Ivan was within his boundaries. And with the way you guys are behaving, I’d actually prefer if you guys don’t come to my club. We don’t like pariahs here!”



Dayum! I don’t miss going out at all and certainly, I don’t miss the drama that usually happens when I go out.

So, apparently, I disrespected them the last time I was in their town.


I think I should go back one day soon to ‘disrespect’ them again, no? LOL That would be awesome; disrespecting them in their own turf.

Let me think about that.

Again, hmmm…

Ok, thought about it.

Nah, I don’t need to. I don’t want to.

Seriously, they’re laughable.

I am Ivan Omar. And the whole of Penang knows I can school them anytime. But I don’t wanna waste my time over a bunch of assholes that obviously do not have the class, no matter how much money they have. Or I should say, no matter how much money their parents have.

I’m still laughing as I’m writing this!



Maybe, and that's a big maybe, if y'all and your women stop taking hundreds of pictures of your ONE bottle of Moet, I'll consider introducing, no wait, re-introducing myself.



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