The One Malaysian Trait I Wish I have

I’m very much a true Malaysian in a lot of ways.

I may have been born and bred overseas but I am still proud to be a Malaysian.

But if there was one typical-Malaysian trait I wish I have, it has to be the willingness to go so far away from where I am just to eat.

Yes, just to eat.

It’s a Malaysian thing.

It’s very common for a Malaysian to travel to the other side of the state, or even outside the state, just to try a certain dish.

I don’t do it. I’ve never done it. I don’t purposely go out of my way to try something, no matter how world-famous these dishes are. But Malaysians do that. They do it a lot. People go all the way to Klang for seafood or to Kajang for ‘satay’ or Penang for ‘laksa.’

I seriously don’t get it. I wish I do but I really don’t.

I mean, if I were already in that place, then why not but to intentionally drive just to eat? I think I would have been hungry by the time I get back, should I ever go for such food excursion.

But I wish I have this trait. It makes eating easier, and to a certain extent, more enjoyable.

Oh well.


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