Never Say Never

How many times have we heard this line said to us?

Or how many times have we said the same very line to someone else?

I've both heard and said it a lot of times myself. For example, when I left Leo Burnett, I told myself that I would never again venture into the world of advertising. And I was able to keep that word for almost 10 years until last year, when I went back to the very industry that I said, with definitiveness, I would never go back to.

I love the way the wires are all tangled up to spell NEVER

What I’m trying to say here is that, no one can really say something with definitiveness. I mean, we like to think that we could actually say or do something and be overly positive that they’re irreversible; usually, we are very confident that when we do or say as such, we command ourselves to ensure that they are carried through.

But we tend to forget that there is a higher being that constantly reminds us that there are no such things as definite. In my case, something magical happened on a February night and it wasn’t a coincidence that when the offer came, it was for something that has a direct link to what happened that night.

You probably think I’m writing gibberish; maybe I am. This entry was inspired after finding out that my favorite porn star, the exquisite Kaylani Lei, decided to do anal sex after swearing numerous times that she wouldn’t do so in any of her films. I ain’t complaining but her sudden change of heart got me thinking.

Kaylani Lei

We live in such a way that whenever something bad happens to us, we hastily tell ourselves that we would never do the same thing again and that we are in control of our destiny and fate.

But time and again, life teaches us that nothing is ever permanent and definitive.


This is totally unrelated but My Small Baby and I like The Fray and I like this song, so I may as well just put it here :-)

I think the lyrics to this song is so meaningful (Click to watch)


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