My Small Baby Would Have Been A Great Filmmaker

Watching a movie or a TV show with My Small Baby is both exciting and anti-climax. I said anti-climax because before the whole thing ends, she already knows what’s gonna happen. Heck, she knows what the next scene would be!

If you’re the type to wait till the final scene before wanting to know what’s gonna happen, then watching a movie with My Small Baby is not fun. Oh, she doesn’t blurt it out but one look at her face and one would know what’s coming in the next scene.

Not many people know this but she is a filmmaker in her previous life. She has a great eye for details and while comedy is her genre of choice, I personally think she can do almost any genre. But having to choose between being on ground and on air, she chose the latter.

It would have been great though if she made movies, she would have kicked ass. But I don’t think Malaysia is ready for a filmmaker like her, so I guess she made the right choice.

I guess when you pursue what your true passion is, work won’t feel like work.

Oh well.


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