The Most Beautiful Malaysian Celebrity

I always get asked by my non-Malaysian friends as to who I think is the most beautiful Malaysian celebrity.

It's a very hard question to answer, for me personally, because I don't really follow the Malaysian entertainment scene. Moreover, I also know for a fact that that majority of the most beautiful Malaysians are not in show business.

Anyhow, so as to stop my friends and readers from pestering me with the same old question, I may as well say who I think is the most beautiful celebrity in the country. Please be informed that the operative word here is 'I', so even if you don't agree, I don't care.

My Small Baby is one of the most gorgeous women in the country but for the purpose of this entry, and because she's not what you call a 'celebrity', I will omit her from the list.

Ok, I'm glad that it's out of the way. Now, there are a lot of good-looking women in the country but my choice(s) is based on: 1. Pure Malaysian breed, i.e. no 'white or foreign' blood; 2. they must have certain class, someone you can actually have a conversation with and able to bring to a black-tie function; and 3. they must have something that my eccentricity find attractive.

Having established my criteria, of all the Malaysian Celebrities that I know or know of, my personal pick is Hannah Tan and Scha Al-Yahya.

I can't decide between the two, so I'm picking them both.

Scha Al-Yahya

Hannah Tan

Again, they are my personal picks, based on my own criteria. I think most Malaysian men will agree with Hannah; after all, she's just beautiful. She easily meets the first two criteria above-mentioned and as for the 3rd, well, she eats ‘Marang’ which is one of my favorite fruits and she has a mole just on top of her upper-lip, just like My Small Baby.

As for Scha, she’s really the most beautiful Malay celebrity I’ve ever seen. She’s pure breed and educated, so that covers the first two criteria. She also has a mole on the same spot as Hannah and her big break came from acting as a stewardess; obviously, that is always a plus point for me :-)

You can check more pics of these two in the Gallery section.

There, I have made my picks, so please don’t bother me anymore ya?


Anonymous said...

Scha ada mix arab dan chinese lah.

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