Miss USA 2010 Is An Arab, Bb Pilipinas - Universe 2010 Is An Indian

Social and Cultural Globalization at its best!


An Arab girl, Rima Fakih, representing Michigan, beat 50 other contestants to be crowned Miss USA 2010. Not bad eh? For a country such as the United States, where racial and religious profiling is still rampant, to get an Arab - whom the government considers its worst enemies and main source of headaches - to represent the country is, I think, a manifestation that everyone is equal; at least in as far as entertainment or beauty pageants are concerned.

Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Maria Venus Raj, an illegitimate child of an Indian father and a Filipina mother won the coveted Binibining Pilipinas - Universe title. Her win was without controversy, I tell you.

In a nutshell, she won and then was stripped of her title because of some birth certificate irregularities and was reinstated after she was given a Philippine passport.

Bb Pilipinas - Universe 2010 Maria Venus Raj

And why am I blogging about them, you might wanna ask.

Besides the fact that I'm bored (ha!), it's simply because in Malaysia, and certainly in other ASEAN countries, there is a tendency to be Eurasian-biased, especially in the entertainment business. It's given that when a pure breed - be it Malay, Chinese or Indian - goes up against a Eurasian for something in the entertainment world, the chances are the latter always gets it.

I personally think it's sad. The people that run the entertainment world in these countries are still stuck with their fascination for anything 'white'. Granted that a lot of them look good but to summarily dismiss a pure breed and replace them with a half-half, the other half being white is just such a backward mentality, y'know?

Both Miss USA and Bb Pilipinas-Universe were not even born in the countries that they'd be representing in this year's Miss Universe Pageant and more importantly, there is not a drop of 'white' blood in them; and yet, they are considered their respective countries’ finest.

Maybe it's just me.

Oh well.


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