Lost Finale: All's Well That Ends Well

Just as I suspected, the Lost Finale would leave the fans with more questions than answers; the creators knew by ending the show without any solid answers to the millions of questions the fans wanted to know, they are creating a show that would be talked-about for months, and maybe years, to come.

And that is great television entertainment.

So yeah, in a nutshell, all of them were dead. It’s unclear whether the alternate universe where all of them seemed to have escaped the crash was even real or not but their lives on the island were.

Meeting of the dead! LOL

In the end, they waited for Jack to have the ‘reunion’ and while everyone was gearing up for the much-awaited get-together of the dead, Jack was still trying to live his life, oblivious to the fact that he’s dead! LOL

It was only till Jack met his dad in what was supposed to be the latter's funeral that he realized he too is dead. Very 6th Sense-ish

I dunno know man but I’m glad it’s done and over with. It was a good ending, if you’re not counting the unanswered questions. But it’s kinda sweet in a morbid way; the dead having a reunion but the fact that everyone ended up with the man or woman they’re in-love with - Jack with Kate, Sawyer with Juliet, Hurley with Libby, Sayed with Shannon, Desmond with Penny, Charlie with Claire - makes the reunion kinda romantic.

Again, in a morbid way.

Oh well.


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